App Store Get Stuff Done Week 3 Sale

— 2 minute read

This time it's a category of Apps called "Utilize" and features more great apps to help you be a bit more productive. Or at least spend more time on the idea of being productive.

Here's the apps I'd recommend or am familiar with that are 50% off:

  • 1Password (on sale for $24.99) Use something besides 'password123' for your passwords. Something so simple as your email account password can unlock everything you do online.
  • Fantastical (on sale for $9.99) is a great menu bar replacement for the built in Calendar app on OS X. The great thing about how your data is stored on OS X is that you can use multiple apps and they all access the same central data.
  • PopClip (on sale for $2.99) gives you iOS style pop-over links to copy/paste. I had tried the beta and really liked the idea - I suspect Apple will eventually build something like this into OS X.
  • Soulver (on sale for $12.99) - a calculator app that functions like a piece of paper with a built in calculator. I'm not as tempted by the Mac App as I am by the iPhone ($2.99 in the App Store) or iPad ($4.99 in the App Store) versions, but could be good to have in on your Mac if you do a lot of calculations there.

You can view the rest of the applications on sale here and let me know in the comments below or on Twitter which apps you like from the sale list and if I've missed one in my feature list above that should be there.