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A Ford Escape Landed in our Driveway

A 2013 Ford Escape Titanium Edition to your around with and review.

Any questions or things I should check out with it?


  1. You know what – we haven’t done a full grocery trip with it. I’m pretty sure it could handle it – outside of maybe a massive Costco run. Check this photo of the backseat with 2 car seats and a booster. It actually worked well and while sometimes having more space like in our minivan is great, it was pretty nice to have all kids accessible. It made it easy to have our oldest plug a soother in the youngest’s mouth, hand snacks and drinks back and forth, etc.

    Would you want it for an 8 hour trip? Probably not – it would really depend on your kid’s temperaments. You don’t have as much separation of parent space and kid space like you do in a minivan.

    For a family of 3 it makes a great second vehicle for sure.

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