Hundreds for iOS

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Neat looking puzzle game called Hundreds (On sale for $2.99 until Jan 10th, Universal app for iPhone4+ and iPad1+ including iPad Mini.) from the makers of Canabalt and Wurdle, two of my favourite iOS games:

To win: tap & grow floating bubbles until they add to 100. There's just one catch: They turn red when touched. And if a bubble collides when red, you're dead.

Simple in concept, deep in design, Hundreds explores emergent puzzles that combine the minimal with the strategic by introducing a multitude of objects over the course of 100 unique puzzles. For ages 2 to 222.

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I haven't picked up a copy yet because we're still deep in our Letterpress addiction but Hundreds looks like a great game to play while you're waiting for your turn in Letterpress.

Hundreds - Semi Secret Software, LLC