Gumroad - Sell Digital Things Easily

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I came across Gumroad via a tweet by Elliot Jay Stocks and was intrigued by the service. It offers the ability to quickly and easily sell digital (and physical) things. So a song, an ebook, tutorial video, podcast, Photoshop template, WordPress theme, etc. anything that you can package up as a file Gumroad can sell for you as long as it's less than 4GB.

For a quick test I listed a recently published (and freely available I might add so probably not worth actually buying unless you really want to support SSKTN) episode of the Lost & Lemon podcast I do with my brother in law.

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Ep41 - Getting Fresh with Freshbooks

You won't be charged unless you start entering payment details.

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I really like how quickly and easily I could list something for sale. Services like this that take all the friction out of selling a product are great because it enables anyone who's creative to put their stuff out there without much effort - aside from all the effort of creating whatever it is.

For me I could see using it to sell special one-off audio files (i.e. a tutorial or review), a training video or an ebook. There's other services out there that you could use - Tinypass is another one I've come across recently - but Gumroad seems to be the quickest from signing up to listing your masterpiece that I've come across.