Echoing some of the fun of easily browsing your Instagram stream while allowing you to upload high quality DSLR images to the web, Flickr's updated version of their iOS app (free on the App Store) shows that Yahoo isn't letting this property die on the vine.

I'm willing to bet that Flickr will happily play nice with Twitter, unlike Instagram who recently pulled support for showing of their photos in Twitter's cards. To which Twitter responded1 by adding the ability to filter your photos, as if the filters were the thing people flocked to Instagram for.

If Flickr can pull the community back from the various services they've left to (500px, Instagram, Facebook, Google+, etc.), then it could be a great homecoming of sorts for one of the first great photo communities on the web.


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  1. ...or maybe Instagram acted pre-emptively with knowledge of Twitter's upcoming filters.

A Flickr Homecoming for the Holidays