Karateka Promo Video

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By the always great Sandwich Video, Adam Lisagor's video production company. I'd love to be Adam Lisagor when I grow up - beard and all.

I love the way they've described the process of building a video for a client on their How it Works page:

Speaking of money, how much does a video cost? One million dollars.

Not really one million dollars. But that’s as absurd an answer as any we could give without knowing a whole lot more about your project. The price of a video depends on a couple of things, like the nature of the creative concept and the resources available to you. Generally speaking, our clients fall into three categories...

It's how I often feel like answering when people ask how much a website design costs as if there's a flat rate for designing & building whatever it is they might be imagining in their head. I'm always happy to help people understand what's actually involved and the range of costs because I understand most people have no idea (nor should they) of how building a website works.