Founder (and friend) Elon Musk doesn't just want you to drive the fastest, sexiest and most modern car ever built -- that's too easy for our generation's da Vinci. No, Elon wants you to drive the hottest car anywhere at any time for free. For the rest of your life.

At $50,000USD they aren't out of reach for a lot of people so it's confusing why something like this doesn't get more press for being as amazing as it is. It speaks to the power the existing auto industry has over anything that might come along and attempt to disrupt it.

But just as I'm sure the horse and buggy industry was worried about all the jobs Henry Ford was going to kill when he introduced the Model T in 1908 - but people can be retrained and learn new skills.

Earlier this year Tesla Motors introduced supercharging stations that, according to the article linked above:

  • ...cost very little to install
  • They are solar powered
  • They can dump 150 miles of drive time into your car in an hour
  • They're popping up all over California, and Tesla is going to install them across the USA and Canada
  • They are free to use if you own a Tesla Model S
  • They're underutilized today, so they actually put more energy into the grid than they use

So buy a somewhat more expensive car but then get free "gas" for life.

I can understand why the powers that be would be scared of something that innovative.

So, you're going to buy half as many cars and you're going to drive for free for the rest of your life. The punch line to all this? We could have been doing it in the '80s or '90s, and we could rush this technology to mass adoption in the next five years if we wanted.

 Energy independence, sexy cars with better performance, no emissions and no reason to go to war in the Middle East over oil! And what would happen to our economy if all the money families and businesses spent on gasoline was freed up? Teachers, roads, jobs -- oh my!

Maybe not quite the utopia he describes but still. Better than where the USA finds themselves right now to be sure.

Free Transportation for Life