Apple iPad mini Event

— 3 minute read

This is the first even in a long time that Apple has live streamed on the web. In addition to that they’re also streaming to their Apple TV devices so you can watch the event live from the comfort of your couch - which is where I’m watching it.

Here’s my notes and observations.

New version of iBooks for iOS permalink

  • Continuous scrolling
  • Better iCloud integration

MacBooks permalink

  • 13” MacBook Pro is their #1 selling Mac

New 13” MacBook Pro permalink

  • 0.75 inch thin (20% thinner)
  • 3.57 lbs (almost a pound lighter)
  • Retina display
  • Starts at a 128GB SSD drive
  • Shipping today
  • “It’s the best line of portables we’ve ever offered”
  • Apple’s product page

“You knew there’d be something called mini in this presentation, didn’t you?” Phil Schiller

Mac mini permalink

iMac permalink

  • Beautiful new thin design
  • 5mm thin
  • Apple’s new Fusion Drive - combining a SSD drive with a standard hard drive
  • 21.5” starts shipping in November
  • 27” starts shipping in December
  • Apple’s product page

iPad permalink

  • 100 million iPads sold
  • Tablet web traffic is 91% iPad

iBooks Author permalink

  • New version available today
  • Embedded fonts by publisher
  • Directly insert mathematical expressions
  • Mutli-Touch widgets
  • Book updates are easier for authors now
  • Apple’s product page

I love that Apple is devoting press time to this app - it means it’s more likely to stick around. I think the potential is huge here for both education publishers as well as self publishers. Getting your own book into the iBook store looking exactly how you want is a great feature and service to offer.

4th Gen iPad permalink

  • A6X chip
  • 2x cpu performance
  • 2x graphics performance
  • Next-generation Image Signal Processor (ISP)
  • Still with the same 10 hour battery life
  • FaceTime HD in front and back
  • LTE Support
  • 802.11 a/b/g/n
  • Lightning connector
  • Same prices
  • Pre-order October 26th
  • Shipping November 2nd
  • Apple product page

iPad mini - “Every inch an iPad” permalink

  • 7.2mm thin - as thin as a pencil
  • 0.68 lbs (53% lighter)
  • Black or white
  • 9.7” iPad / 7.9” diagonal on ipad mini
  • 1024 x 768 pixels - same as the iPad 2 so apps should look just as good without much work.
  • Dual-core A5 chip
  • FaceTime HD camera front side camera
  • 5MP iSight camera on the back
  • LTE Wireless
  • 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi
  • Lightning connector
  • 10-hour battery life
  • Starting at $329 USD
  • Pre-order October 26th
  • Shipping November 2nd
  • Apple’s product page

Which iPad to Buy? permalink

I’m surprised they’ve kept the iPad 2 in their lineup alongside the 4th generation iPad and the new iPad mini - particularly as they touted all the ways the iPad mini improved upon the iPad 2. If someone was asking me, I’d say decide on the size you want and then buy. iPad mini for smaller/portable or iPad with Retina Display.

I’d guess it’s because they want to hit certain price points, but the iPad mini with 32GB is only $30 more than the iPad 2 with 16GB - why wouldn’t you go for that if you’ve got $400 burning a hole in your pocket?

You can watch the keynote on Apple's website or on your Apple TV.