Results from the iPhone 5 Survey

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iPhone 5 Survey Results
iPhone 5 Survey Results

A few notes:

  • 8 people filled it out and said they weren’t buying so I removed their details from the results
  • I'm surprised that half the respondents are getting a 64GB model. I've been using a 32GB iPhone 4 for 2 years and I keep getting more space back as Apple adds features like iTunes Match and Photo Stream. But I guess apps are only going to get bigger and with a better camera, you'd be shooting that much more video and photos.
  • An even split on buying in-store versus pre-ordering.
  • Plenty of iPhone 4's being upgraded which makes sense. Anytime you skip a generation, the 4S in this case, you're going to see dramatic improvements across the board.

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As I mentioned above, I'm using a 2 year old 32GB iPhone 4. I've got a year left on my Telus contract so I'd be looking at $180 to upgrade plus the price of a iPhone 5 (Black 32GB is what I'd do if you're wondering) so it's just not worth it to me to upgrade and throw away $180.

If anything, our family is going to need to upgrade my wife's iPad 1. With iOS 6 coming soon, the iPad 1 isn't able to run it and so she'll start to miss out on some of the newer features as they get added. Plus iOS 5 is running so slow on the iPad 1 that we'd be looking to upgrade even if there wasn't the iOS 6 issue.

So that's where, if anywhere, our gadget upgrade money will go in the near future.

Thanks to all that bothered to fill out the survey. I really do appreciate you satisfying my nerdy curiosity about what the readers of this blog are doing with their tech/nerd money.