Apple Maps FAQ

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Q: Does Apple have nothing but contempt for its users?

A: Yes, Apple’s evil. When Apple barred Flash from iOS, Flash was the best and only way to play .swf files. Apple’s video alternative, H.264, wasn’t nearly as widely used. Thus Apple’s solution was “inferior” and appeared to be against its own users’ interests. Sheer corporate greed! Trillion words have been written about just how misguided Apple was in denying its users the glory of Flash on iOS. Well, Flash is now dead on mobile. And yet the Earth’s obliquity of the ecliptic is still about 23.4°. We seemed to have survived that one.

iOS6 Maps
iOS6 Maps

There's no question Maps in iOS6 is worse at displaying relevant data on a global scale than Maps did in iOS5 and previous. And people are rightfully upset since Apple talked up Maps as a major new feature in iOS6.

But to think that Apple isn't working hard to improve and make it better than Google Maps, which has been around for 8 years, is naïve.

For now you can use on your iPhone if you need a more detailed map, which isn't as good but should hold you over for the next few months until Apple gets it's act together.