Setting Up Dropbox''s Two-Step Authentication

— 1 minute read

As with Google’s implementation, Dropbox’s two-factor authentication relies on two separate elements: something you know (a password) and something you have (in this case, a separately generated code). While the combination of these two elements doesn’t guarantee your security, it does make it much harder for a potential hacker to gain access to your account.

Smart way to make your Dropbox more secure. I use the free Google Authenticator app for iPhone already for my Google account, so this is easy to set up.

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Update: Some recommendations for users of 1Password to not use this version of Dropbox (yet) from 1Password:

The bottom line is that I am strongly recommending that 1Password users not be early adopters of this. Early adopters should:

  • understand the data security gains and risks thoroughly (discussed below)
  • take steps to reduce those risks (have great backups), and
  • be very comfortable using pre-release systems