10 Years of Daring Fireball

— 1 minute read

Congratulations to John Gruber on the 10th birthday of Daring Fireball, his blog on all things Apple, Kubrick, tech and typography.

See Kottke's remembrance and this article on The Atlantic.

Daring Fireball was one of my main motivations for starting a blog of any sort. Back in the day before RSS readers & Twitter notifications, it was the first website I'd check in my daily routine of finding out what was going on on the web and in particular with Apple. It wasn't the source for the latest inane Mac rumour - it was (and continues to be) the place to go for smart analysis of the best of the Mac rumours floating around the web.

As discussed in the afore linked article on The Atlantic, as Apple has risen to the top the story that John has written on Daring Fireball has become slightly less interesting than the previous underdog narrative.

But John remains one of the best tech writers on the web and worth reading if you're at all interested in smart thoughts on Apple and related tech.