Medium and Message

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The young today shun the hardware of the past. The young package their messages in media that fit their messages, that is, they create new media to fit their messages.

From Edmund Snow Carpenter's 1970 book 'They Became What They Beheld'.

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One more quote from 'They Became What They Beheld':

Artists don't address themselves to audiences. They create audiences. The artist talks to himself out loud. If what he has to say is significant, others hear & are affected.

An interesting thought from a 42 year old book that describes the way internet popularity and creativity often work. Someone starts a blog/podcast/YouTube channel about a topic that they want to talk about or share. Someone else finds it, shares it and brings more people to the original work. The audience is created because of the voice of the original person. Because of their obsession about a topic.

Put another way, obsession times voice creates an audience.