WWDC Related Deals

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Apple has their annual World Wide Developer's Conference this week, with the keynote happening this morning where they're expected to announce that they've cured cancer, developed a lunar colony, solved the mystery of how a Caramilk chocolate bar is made, new updated versions of their hardware and/or software to make Apple nerds drool and fork over their wallets. Oh, and maybe a TV interface of some sort that will revolutionize the way you and I watch TV.


In honour of this event, there's a few Mac developers that have put their wares on sale. I'll try and update this post throughout the week if new ones come up that I feel are worth mentioning.

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  • Drafts for iOS is free until the keynote starts so you'll have to act fast. It's a quick note taking app described like this:

In Drafts, you can get that text down quickly, and decide what to do with it later. Extensive output options let you send your text to Twitter, Facebook, email, SMS, a Calendar event, quickly save it to Dropbox or Evernote – or forward it to a growing list of other Apps such as OmniFocus, Things, The Hit List, Byword, Sparrow and more (see below for full list).

ColorSnapper is an easy-to-use tool for quickly finding out the color of any pixel on the screen. It is activated via a system-wide hotkey (configurable), giving you a magnifying loupe to easily pick the pixel you need.
The resulting color is copied to clipboard in a format of your preference.