The iPhone Turns 5

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A look back from including a link to this article from Macworld chief Jason Snell:

I had to laugh at one feature omission I complained about five years ago: “It would be nice if Safari allowed users to upload certain kinds of content in order to, for example, post pictures taken with the iPhone’s built-in camera to the Flickr photo-sharing site.” Five years later, that feature is slated to be part of the iOS 6 update this fall. See? Sometimes patience is rewarded.

Up until this year, I hadn't realized that the iPhone and my son are the same age.1 I didn't get an iPhone until the iPhone 4 came out but looking at my iPhoto and/or Flickr library, 90% of the photos since then are from an iPhone.

  1. A few days apart technically. And if it isn't obvious, I'm much more interested in celebrating his birthday, not the iPhone's.