Screenflow, Parallels and BusyCal for Only $49

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Crazy good deal for the next 2 weeks on a bunch of Mac apps. But the main two that you might be interested in are Parallels, which normally sells for $79, and Screenflow, which sells for $99.

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The Main Apps I'd Recommend the Bundle For permalink

Parallels is the app that allows you to install Windows (or other operating systems) on your Mac and run them in parallel to OS X. Great for web designers who need to test on multiple browsers, businesses that need to run Quickbooks or other arcane Windows software in an otherwise Mac world or even gamers who still want to play the occasional Windows game.

Screenflow is the app I use for any of the video capture/tutorials that I've done over here. It's a great program that's very intuitive to use and tremendously powerful despite being fairly simple on the surface. I know of a few people who use it as their video editor instead of iMovie because of it's traditional timeline editor view. I recommend this app at it's regular $99 price - a steal at $49.

BusyCal is a replacement calendar app for iCal - that suede/faux leather designed hideous app that somehow made it on to Lion. Better Google Calendar syncing and full support for iCloud/iCal Server. Think of BusyCal as a free add on in the bundle that you're purchasing one of the two apps above for that will just make your Mac a nicer looking computer.

Other Apps Included permalink

The other apps included in the bundle are Civilization V (game), Jaksta (audio/video recorder from the web), Espionage 3 (data security), Speed Download (download manager), Attachment Tamer 3 (better attachment support), KeyCue 6 (utility to learn and memorize keyboard shortcuts), A Better Finder Rename (utility to rename files on your Mac) and My Living Desktop 5 (desktop screenshot).

Video Tour permalink

You can watch a video tour of the apps included to see if any of them might be what you're after.

Direct link to video

Buy the Bundle permalink

Pick up the bundle while you can if any of the big three apps listed above appeal to you. The rest of the apps are hit or miss for me, but maybe you'll find a use for some of them.