Ryan''s Failed Android Experiment

— 1 minute read

He lasted longer than I would have, giving Google 3 years of his mobile life. But now he's back on iOS/iPhone:

As a developer I have a consistent and predictable environment upon which I can create my applications. I have only a few devices, as opposed to several dozen, that I have to worry about supporting and testing. As a user I have a consistent and predictable user experience and upgrade cycle. As an uncle I have a camera that doesn't make you look like you have liver failure unless you're outside on a clear day in the high noon sun.

Of the main reasons he gives for switching, the camera is the one that would've bugged me the most. A crappy mobile camera on my iPhone would make it useless to me. It's one of the reasons I didn't get an iPhone until the iPhone 4 came out with a HD capable video camera.