Telus announced a new promotional plan that costs $35 in Saskatchewan (according to it's $30 elsewhere) that might be a good deal if you're wanting to pick up a new iPhone but didn't want to pay for a data plan. The Promo Voice and Messaging 35 promo plan includes up to 150 monthly minutes 1 but no data - so it's pay per use.

Other items included:

  • Unlimited Nationwide 10 Favourite Numbers
  • Unlimited Nationwide Family Calling
  • Unlimited Local Early Nights (5pm) and Weekends
  • Unlimited Text, Picture and Video Messaging
  • Voice Mail 3, Call Waiting and Conference Calling

So a good plan to pick up an iPhone on a 3 year contract if you plan to mainly use it like a iPod touch with a phone enabled. It's certainly nice to have cellular data as an option, but I know for a lot of people they're so surrounded by wifi that they wouldn't miss cellular data.

But the iPhone 4S is at the extreme end of it's product cycle. New iPhones will likely be out in October, if not sooner. So buy one only if you can't wait.

  1. Apparently 200 minutes in other provinces.

Telus $30/$35 Plan Great if You Don't Want Data