Screenshot Journal is free today. It grabs any screenshots1 you take on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch from the camera roll and saves them for you so you can look at only the screenshots.

If you’re a UI designer and like to iterate regularly, viewing your designs on device with utilities like xScope or LiveView Screencaster, then this is a great app to own.

Screenshot Journal lets you:

  • Backup your screenshots, so emptying your camera roll does not kill your screenshot history.
  • Favorite screenshots that you want to reference over and over again.
  • View your screenshot collection grouped by month.
  • Zoom into images with the power of 2’s. 200%, 400%, 800%, 1600%, and 3200%, all without distortion.
  • Zoom in 4 times deeper than the built in “Photos” app can muster, without the “smoothing effect” that makes your screenshots fuzzy.
  • Overlay a Grid that helps define pixels, and measure elements.
  • Send your screenshots over Twitter, email, and clipboard.
    • Scans for and automatically imports only your screenshots.
Screenshot Journal
Screenshot Journal - UI Forge LLC

  1. How to take a screenshot on your iOS device? Press the home button and the on/off button at the same time. You should see a brief flash of white on the screen. Now in your Camera Roll or Photo app you'll see an image of whatever you were looking at on your iOS device when you took the screenshot. Really handy for showing features, menu settings or just trouble shooting something when sending an email with a screenshot makes it easier to explain what's going on.

Screenshot Journal for iOS Free Today