NBSP Interview with Kristina Halvorson

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I help produce and edit the interviews being done over at The Non-Breaking Space Show and on the most recent episode I got a chance to sit in on an interview with Kristina Halvorson.

Kristina Halvorson
Kristina Halvorson

Kristina runs a company called Brain Traffic which is leading the charge for websites and other web related entities to have better content - a strategy for the content even. There's even a whole conference called Confab built around the idea that having a strategy for your website's content is a very important thing.

It's something that's been a passion of mine as part of my work at Lemon Productions - trying to push my clients to really think about what they're putting on their website, why it's there and what they hope to give their readers, clients or potential customers who visit their website.

Go listen to the interview with Kristina or subscribe in iTunes and catch up on a bunch of great interviews with the web's best and brightest.

The intro guy has quite the annoying voice though, hey?