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Facebook’s Camera App

Facebook has released a new iOS app for taking pictures, creatively called Facebook Camera.

As far as a photo app goes, it’s a great looking app and pulls the photos from your Facebook feed into a nice, scrolling view of all your friend’s boring pictures of their vacations and family get togethers.

Facebook Camera app for iOS

Like Instagram and other photo apps, it brings the filters that everyone loves to hate. There’s an option in the settings pane to ‘Save Filtered Photos’ which is set to Off by default. That will save the original photo to your iOS device’s camera roll without the filter applied. Change that setting to On and you’ll get the original photo and your filtered/cropped version as well so the photo purists can sleep peacefully knowing you didn’t destroy history with a poor choice in filter.

Facebook Camera Settings

I’m still not sure why Facebook has chosen the multiple apps route, rather than trying to bundle it all into one app. Maybe that’s where they’re headed. As it is, they’ve now got main Facebook app, which can take and upload pictures, the Facebook Messenger, for messaging people (which can take and upload photos), the Facebook Pages Manager app, for managing your Facebook Pages (and taking and uploading photos) and now the Facebook Camera app. Which can take and upload pictures – with filters!

So explain again to your mom which one she should use to get the photos of you as a 3 year old onto Facebook again?