Design Is a Job

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I've been reading Mike Monterio's writings on his design studio's blog, following his rants and trollings on Twitter (Background image possibly not safe for work if your work is offended by a painting of a topless Bea Arthur. Now I'm curious to see how many of you click that link), and listened to his podcast.

Now Mike's got a new book published by A Book Apart called Design is a Job.

The preview from chapter two isn't that reassuring of the path I've chosen but confirms that how I've been living for the last 7 months is "normal":

The biggest lie in this book would be if I told you I don't worry about where the next client is coming from. I could tell you that once you build up enough of a portfolio, or garner enough experience, or achieve a certain level of notoriety in the industry, this won't be a concern anymore. I could tell you I sleep soundly, not bolting out of bed at 4 a.m. to run laps around the local high school track. I could tell you that I never worry about enough presents under the tree. I could tell you these things, but I'd be lying. And I don't want to lie to you. Getting clients is the most petrifying and scary thing I can think of in the world. I'd rather wrestle lady Bengal tigers in heat with meat strapped to my genitals than look for new clients.

Also worth reading is Mike's blog post on his path to writing the book:

But now, with my 13 year old boy in front of me, I had to admit that I was afraid. Afraid of failing. Of walking up there with my fly down. Of being discovered as a fraud. But, in that moment, with that 13 year old in front of me, I became more afraid of something else. Of failing him. Of passing my fear along to the person who needed me to be someone better.

I ordered the ebook and print version. I have most of the other books that A Book Apart has published and they're such great quality books both in their production as well as the content that it's worth having them on the shelf to pull down for a quick read or inspiration.

It's also available in the iBookstore for $8.99 if you prefer reading on your iOS device.

Design Is a Job - Mike Monteiro