Blue Rodeo Studio Album Collection

— 1 minute read

First of all, if you don't have any Blue Rodeo in your music collection - shame on you.

But here's an easy way to get caught up. $90 for the entire Blue Rodeo Studio Album Collection. 12 albums worth of material plus 25 music videos.

It's still got to be a bit of a hard sell for artists in this day and age to try and pitch a greatest hits bundle like this. Chances are most hardcore fans already have every album. Casual fans like me have their favourite 2 or 3 albums plus have cherry picked singles off iTunes already. Including 25 music videos is a great extra though. Normally these sell for $2 - $3 each when they're released. But who sits around watching music videos?

At $90 for 189 songs, less the 25 music videos, you're paying around $0.50 a song so it's a really good deal for their library of music.

The Studio Album Collection - Blue Rodeo