Setting Up WordPress for 10 Million Hits a Day

— 1 minute read

Using a bunch of geeky commands that go nerdier than I'm typically prepared to, here's one way of setting up WordPress so it can handle a bunch of traffic.

WordPress, the CMS that powers this blog, gets a lot of flack for being unable to handle a large traffics spike. But that's typically because it's installed on a cheap server and isn't properly configured.

At the very least install a cache plugin of some sort. I'm using WP Super Cache here but have been installing W3 Total Cache on newer sites as it seems to be what more folks are using.

Your average personal hobby website/blog probably doesn't need it - but if you ever do experience a bit of a traffic spike, you want to make sure all those people can get to your site rather than see a error page and never be able to read your words of wisdom.