MLB Is Leading the Way

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If you'd been forced to guess who'd be leading the way in adoption of letting your customers watch your sport wherever and however they want, would you have guessed the answer would be Major League Baseball?

The company behind the tech is MLB Advanced Media, or BAM for short.

BAM's business is more multifaceted than YouTube's; last year, it sold more than 35 million MLB tickets, more than half of the league's inventory. It streams more live video than any other sports entity--and any other company. How did a game that revels in tradition produce something so cutting-edge?

If you're a baseball stats junkie, their iPad/iPhone apps are like crack.


If you live in Detroit, you can watch Justin Verlander on a big-screen TV on cable. But if you're out of town, an subscription allows you to stream the game through an Xbox or any Wi-Fi connection (1). Meanwhile, BAM's AtBat app (2, 3) allows for streaming on your iPhone or iPad. It also allows fans to watch the action in "Game Day" mode (4), a data-enriched, live-graphic presentation of the game.

The At Bat app for both the iPhone & iPad is free and then you make in-app purchases to decide on the level of subscription you want.

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