Miss You - Quick Video Using Frames

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Studio Neat, makers of the Glif for iPhone 4 & 4S, just came out with a time-lapse & stop motion app for the iPhone 4/4S and recent iPod touch models called Frames ($2.99).

I made a quick video for my family with it who are in warmer climates while I shovel snow back home:

Direct link to video

Mini Review of Frames permalink

It works as advertised on the tin. Very easy to use and quick to get going with recording your video. Turn on onion skinning so you can see the previous frame over top of your current view - which makes lining little movements up much easier. And you can turn on a grid to make lining up objects easier.

Frames Requirements permalink

Frames requires iOS 5.0 or later and will run on the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and the latest two generations of the iPod Touch.

Frames UI Walk Through permalink

Studio Neat has a time-lapse video of the user interface which shows off how easy it is to make a quick video.

Direct link to video

I love that a company like Studio Neat would come up with a perfect software accessory to the hardware they already sell - rather than just trying to make more hardware. Smart folks.

Frames - Time-Lapse and Stop Motion Movies - Studio Neat