Camera+ Version 3

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Camera+, which is my most used photo taking app on my iPhone 4 next to the native provided by Apple, just got a fancy new version update and is on for only $0.99 in the App Store to celebrate the release.

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I don't use a lot of the editing, filters, cropping features of Camera+. The main reason I like using it to manage my photos is how easy it makes it to share photos out to Flickr, Twitter or Facebook.

90% of the photos I take on my iPhone are indoors, of our kids and as a result are lower light and are often out of focus because the kids are moving too fast. Applying filters or editing those photos tend to make them look even worse. If I take photos outside then I'll usually run them through a filter or two and do a bit of editing and for those kinds of photos, Camera+ works great.

Version 3 feels quicker to move around in which is always a plus when you're trying to quickly take photos and not worry about editing/etc.

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You can view the photo I shared on Twitter and on Flickr.

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