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1Password Username & Password in Safari Bookmarks

I forget where I saw this tip first but pretty soon a bunch of people posted/retweeted it.

I just finally got around to trying it and thought it was a pretty good tip so I thought I’d record a screencast.

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As I mention in the video, one requirement is that you need to be running 1Password already. So if you’re not, use the links below to pick up a copy.

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  1. Is there a quick way to fill in a password in other programs (like iTunes)? I feel like I'm missing something, each time I want to download or update an app I need to open 1password copy the password and paste it. Is there a quicker way?

  2. Nope – not that I'm aware of. For my iTunes account, which is annoying to have to type in on a iPhone, I use something somewhat complex but not so hard that I can't remember it.

    There's a check box when you're generating a password in 1Password that allows you to have it be pronounceable – screenshot – so that can help as well when you're picking a password.

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