How Apple's iBooks Textbooks Could Revolutionize Film Education

— 1 minute read

More thoughts on iBooks Textbooks as people start to grapple with what this means for various industries:

If a book could embed not only videos, but exercises on how to apply these high-level filmmaking ideas, it would cut through some of the toughest stumbling blocks of learning cinema. Imagine being able to read about the 180-degree rule, then seeing it play out in a scene. Then you could even be given a group of shots to quickly assemble into a scene right on your iPad. It’s a very different process than sitting through clips in a classroom, then firing up an editing application and getting started on a test project.


It's still early days since last week's announcement of where Apple is headed. As much as we need to tread slowly when it comes to the way we teach, it's exciting to hear about the excitement teachers have about the possibilities iBooks Author opens up.