Crappy New Year''s Post

— 2 minute read

Often after big events or time away it's hard to get back into the rhythm of posting here. Too many different things have happened and the completist in me wants to make sure I write about almost everything. And so as a result, I write about nothing.

So here's a photo dump of recent events.

We opened presents, ate food, played outside, played inside, rearranged the home office/studio, and hung up some pictures in the office.

I'll end by quoting Gruber's post simply titled "Merry":

Late last night, inspecting Santa’s handiwork, a simple thought occurred to me. A decade or so from now, when, say, I’m waiting for my son to come home from college for his winter break, and, when he does, he wants to spend his time going out with his friends — how much will I be willing to pay then to be able to go back in time, for one day, to now, when he’s eight years old, he wants to go to movies and play games and build Lego kits with me, and he believes in magic?

How much then, for one day with what my family has right now? How much? Everything.

Merry Christmas. Happy New Year. Only 363 more shopping days until Christmas!