Tweetbot On Sale As A Response to Twitter v4

— 2 minute read

In light of yesterday's new version of Twitter and the backlash to the new iOS app design, Tapbots is smartly offering their Twitter client Tweetbot for only $0.99 (normally it's $4.99).

Tweetbot has been my Twitter client of choice since it was released back in April.

As many others have already written (Gruber, Shawn Blanc, Ben Brooks1), Twitter version 4 is clearly an indication of where Twitter hopes to push their users to do - stick around in our app, discover more stuff you might not already be seeing, and hopefully click a few ads here and there. It's not how or why I use Twitter and so I'm glad that, for now anyway, Twitter is still allowing 3rd party apps to pull information from their site.

You do have to wonder if there's a tipping point coming where Twitter will have the majority of people viewing their tweets through the official Twitter app or and at that point decide to pull the plug on the 3rd party access - thereby controlling everything about the Twitter experience.

Tweetbot — A Twitter Client with Personality - Tapbots

  1. Whose name I inexplicably couldn't remember yesterday while recording a podcast with Shawn Blanc. My apologies to Ben if he ever happens to read and/or listen to the interview