iTunes Match Soup to Nuts

— 1 minute read

I hadn't really heard the phrase soup to nuts until I started listening to the odd Mac Power Users podcasts with David Sparks & Katie Floyd - maybe it's more common among lawyers?1

In episode 66 of Mac Power Users David & Katie do a soup to nuts walk through of the process of switching over to iTunes Match on your Mac and iOS devices.

iTunes Match
iTunes Match

Normally with these kinds of things I just hit the sign-up button and let the computer do it's thing. But when it comes to my 4,300+ song music library, I get a little picky and worry about things disappearing such as playlists, play counts, and other metadata that is stored in all those MP3s & M4a files.

So if you're like me and want to know what's going to happen when you click the sign-up button, listen to the podcast.

  1. David & Katie are both lawyers of some sort.