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How to Opt Out of Carrier IQ on iOS

As noted in a comment on the earlier post, Carrier IQ on iOS isn’t as bad as what’s on some Android phones. It’s only enabled if you said “yes” to allow diagnostics to be sent to Apple when you first setup your iPhone.

If you’d like to turn it off just to be on the extra safe side1, the toggle switch can be found by going to the Settings app on your iPhone and then General -> About -> Diagnostics & Usage.

diagnostics and usage screen


  1. Or tinfoil hat side? 
  1. Press releases just came out from Telus and Rogers saying they haven’t got the software on any of their phones. It looks like this is more of a Carrier issue than an OS issue. I couldn’t find it on my phone. I emailed Sasktel asked them if they deployed the software.

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