Flash for Mobile is Done

— 2 minute read

Posted earlier on Adobe's website is the announcement that they will no longer be developing Flash for mobile platforms.

The main reason being:

...HTML5 is now universally supported on major mobile devices, in some cases exclusively. This makes HTML5 the best solution for creating and deploying content in the browser across mobile platforms.

This is great news for everybody developing and using a mobile device. HTML5 is an open standard. It's not an Apple, Blackberry, Google or Microsoft standard - it's open and owned by no one company.

iPhone owners have benefited from Apple's decision not to allow Flash on iPhones from day one. Other platforms - Blackberry, Android mainly - have had to suffer with performance sucking, battery draining Flash implementations on their platform of choice because Adobe kept stringing everyone along with the promise that "we'll get Flash going properly soon...ish?" Now that Adobe's thrown in the towel, everyone can move on.

And since mobile is the way forward, there's really no reason to see Flash as having much of a future on the web. Why would I, as a website designer, want to build one whole version of a website in Flash and then have to build a completely separate version in HTML for all the mobile devices?

This will hopefully mean an end to crappy restaurant & photography portfolios built-in Flash. It doesn't mean the end of crappy websites. Just crappy Flash websites.

Adobe is saying that they will continue to enable Flash via native apps built for all major app stores - so Flash developers will still have a way to use the scripting and design language that is Flash to create interesting things. It'll just have to run inside a native app. Which is good for everyone as well.

This isn't Apple's victory - though they did point the way forward. Again. This is a victory for everyone who uses a mobile device.