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Growl Goes Mac App Store

Growl, the popular system notification system, has gone to the Mac App Store for it’s latest version.

Growl is commonly used by applications within Mac OS X to notify you of tasks being completed – i.e. when you’re uploading a large file to a server and you switch away to do something else and don’t want to have to constantly check to see if it’s done, Growl will pop up a little window to let you know the file is done.

It’s not one of those apps that’s critical to day to day use of a Mac, but you sure miss it once it’s gone. And it looks like for support in Lion, it’ll be a must purchase for most previous users.

At $1.99 it’s no longer the free system notification system it used to be. But hopefully with real money behind it’s development it will only get better.

Growl - The Growl Project