The Best WordPress Themes on the Planet

— 2 minute read

If you're looking for a great deal on some awesome WordPress themes, hit up WooThemes (affiliate link) before Tuesday at 12am UTC. Which may happen soon. I suck at time zones.

Timezone Update: It is, in fact, past 12am UTC in pretty much every part of the world now so the deal is over. But the theme recommendations stay the same!

Use coupon code "HAPPYBIRTHDAY" to get a deal of 5 for 1 themes and 30% off in celebration of their 3rd birthday.

Some of my favourite themes include:

  • Canvas - in use on this very blog
  • Briefed - designed by one of my favourite designers, Cameron Moll
  • Saving Grace - a theme built around the purpose of raising funds for a non-profit
  • Estate - a ready to go theme for selling real estate
  • Postcard - a travel blog theme that I wish I had a good excuse to use
  • Statua - a beautiful photo blog for photographers, amateur or pro

Whether you get their special deal or not, WooThemes is one of the premiere WordPress theme developers and I always look at their themes first for any project I'm working on for myself or a client.