Apple Release Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5 and Compressor 4

— 1 minute read

Available only on the Mac App Store, Final Cut Pro X is $299.99, Motion 5 is $49.99 and Compressor is $49.99 as well. (All links are Mac App Store affiliate links)

It's pretty incredible that Apple is pushing this out through the App Store and at such a low price. For perspective, when I worked in retail we sold the Final Cut Studio at $699 for education customers - regular retail pricing was well over $1,000 - and it came with 5 or 6 DVDs that you had to install.

This is a major rewrite of these applications, not just a feature release, so it's not like Apple is just pushing out a little upgrade at little to no cost to them in terms of development costs. I guess now that they've cut out all the people in the middle, Apple can sell directly to the consumer at significant savings.

Now I just need a new video project to come along and justify the upgrade for me!