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I can honestly say I don't have any real FOMO (fear of missing out), as it relates to social media and giving up Twitter for lent.

There is a company that sells radar equipment to the police as well as radar detectors to the public. Clorox is one of the world’s worst polluters of water, and also sells Brita filters to get the bad stuff out of the water again. Lawyers create mazes that you have to hire a lawyer to escape. Similarly social software both creates and cures FOMO. If you didn’t know that party was going on, you’d be home contentedly reading your latest New Yorker. But since you do, you hungrily watch each new tweet.

From an article posted by Caterina Fake, co-founder of Flickr. Via

I always justified my use of Twitter for the social aspect of it as it relates to my work in web design and new media/podcasting, and there is certainly some of that that I miss.

It's certainly harder to find people to interview for Welcome to the Internet. I used to be able to just scan through my Twitter feed and quickly pick someone out that seemed interesting. Now I have to stumble upon a blog or website, read some of their posts (What?? More than 140 characters?? That's too long!!) and send them an email to find out if they're interested in doing it. And then wait for a reply.

Who has time for that?