iPhone 4 on Telus?

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I visited our local Best Buy and chatted with a helpful salesperson there who said that Telus was launching the iPhone 4 on Monday (August 23rd) in Saskatchewan. It seems like Telus could be the answer to my iPhone 4 woes I've been occupying your time with.

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Neutral: Same hardware pricing as everywhere, data & voice plans are the same as far as I can tell so far, possibly better roaming agreements in the states/overseas but not really sure.

Benefits: Shared network agreement with Sasktel, visual voicemail is apparently included in their data plan (Rogers tacks on $8/month for it), better national coverage than Rogers.

Drawbacks: I feel like there should be more because I've just always had it in my head that it went, in Saskatchewan anyway, Sasktel, Rogers then Telus/Virgin/the rest.

Now I'm not so sure - any thoughts? Leave a comment or drop me an email.


Telus to Soon Announce HSPA Coverage in Saskatchewan Besides the terrible headline writing, that seems to be confirmation.