World Cup Fever

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Diego Maradona is the coach of Argentina's national football team and one of it's biggest stars as a player. And is also known to be quite crazy:

Of the lesser lights who made the plane instead, Ariel Garcé has become symbolic of Maradona's unconventional approach. The story sounds apocryphal, but it has been reported that the defender who helped Colón finish 14th in the Argentinian league was included because Maradona had a dream that his team won the World Cup and the only face he could remember being there was Garcé's. The 30-year-old has only four caps. Three came during friendlies in 2003, and one came this year against Haiti. Most supporters do not take his inclusion particularly seriously. At Argentina's farewell match at home to Canada a banner was unfurled: "Garcé, bring us some alfajores." Traditionally, Argentinians bring alfajores, caramel-filled biscuits, back from their holidays to give to friends.