Interface Design and Graphic Design

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I used to think of myself as aspiring to be a graphic designer.

“Interface design is when one is designing something that will be used by humans. The understanding of how a user thinks, learns and adapts is important knowledge.

I’m not down playing graphic design in any way, it’s just different. For example, graphic designers have the intention to grab an emotional response visually. While Interface designers have the intention to grab a logical response mentally.”

Michael Dick - Distinction Between Interfaces and Graphics

Maybe I should aspire to be more of an interface designer. I think I have feet in both worlds. A website is something I design in hopes that a person will use it, not just look at it. The videos I create I hope to move people to some sort of emotional response that may lead to a physical action.

Web design is not graphic design. Sure, we design graphics as a means of creating an interface, but the means in which these graphics are used is what creates the blurry distinction between the two.

Link to original article via Sam Brown.