Conned in Saskatoon - Update

— 1 minute read

Someone could setup a website around this - From commenters on my previous post on getting conned it seems there's another story floating around:

...stopped me and asked me if I had a jerry can. He said he was from a reserve up north, out of gas, his wife was expecting and their car was stuck on Idylwyld.

Told me that everyone he met in Saskatoon had been rude to him up until that point and that I was the friendliest person he’d come across. Said that he even offered to put up his cell phone for colateral at the gas station in order to get some gas but they refused. Asked me if I would buy his Iphone in exchange for some gas money...

So just make sure you're letting friends know what's going on so they don't get bit by these guys (or same guy?). If you've got other stories, please leave them at the original post so they're all in one place.

I've turned comments off on this entry.