Waa-Waa iPad Is Such a Fail

— 2 minute read

We get it, you don't think the iPad is going to sell, it's a stupid name, it doesn't have a camera, it's dumb that Apple doesn't allow you to install your own apps on it, it doesn't run Flash (See this piece by Gruber for a response to Flash and why you'll never see it on the iPhone/iPad), that everything has to go through the App store, that it doesn't do X, Y or Z.


Need I remind you that the original iPhone came out with only a camera on it when pretty much all the other cell phones had video recording capabilities. The original iPhone had (and still has) a non-removable battery. The original iPhone couldn't (and still can't) run Flash. etc. etc. etc. And that iPhone has done fairly well for Apple wouldn't you say?

So if the iPad doesn't spit out Unicorn breath in bite size tablets (Ha! See what I did there? Tablets? Cuz everyone thinks the iPad is a new kind of tablet? Nevermind...) like you were expecting it to and therefore you're not going to buy one, fine. I don't think Apple is marketing this to you and they weren't expecting you to buy it anyway. They aren't trying to take away your control - you have a free will to buy the iPad/iPhone or not. There are a _ton_ of other cell phones, tablets and computer choices out there. Apple is making a lot (as in a lot) of money in the mobile area but they are far from the only choice.

So continue to buy your NokiaSonyMotorola mobile phone, linux powered Netbooks and cheap-like-borscht WinTel machines. They aren't going anywhere. You have that choice.

Update: Even better response than I could write here via Daring Fireball.