Prayers in the Dark

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I won't embed any pictures here because you need to decide for yourself if you can look, but the photos from The New York Time's Lens blog are disturbing, heart wrenching and unbelievable.

This paragraph nearly brought me to tears as I read it:

There were a lot of people just wandering around there, a lot of people just looking. We found this one guy who was sitting by the side and he just broke out crying. We asked him if he had any relatives there. He pointed out, to one of the morgue workers, a baby that was on top of the pile. The morgue worker went over and grabbed the baby by the arm and swung her, sort of carried her over by one arm and laid her down on the stomach of his wife. They had both died while he was at work. The building had collapsed.

The girl's name was Christian Michaud, 10 months old, and her mother's name was Lormeny Nathalie.

But where there is darkness, there is always light trying to shine through:

People are out on the street at night. It’s really hard to photograph because there’s no electricity. It’s pitch black. But all night you could hear them singing prayers. It’s pretty amazing the ways that people are dealing with this tragedy. It says a lot about the Haitian character. They are an amazing people.

Canadian Red Cross