Douche Trifecta

— 1 minute read

If you're offended by the use of the term 'douche' in reference to someone who is, well, a douche then you may want to skip this post. (And yes, I know you can't use the word in the definition for the word you are defining. But I think an exception should be made for 'douche')

In fact, I think there should be a new word for the actual meaning of douche so that we can safely take douche out of the realm of "mysterious lady related words" and safely into the English language used at fine dining establishments.

All that to say that this post from Monsiour Mann made me laugh:


  1. Caucasian Benz
  2. No plates
  3. Parked in non-space near busy crosswalk

Congratulations, Tad, Trey, Tyler, or Skip. Please stop by the front desk to pick up your complimentary Bluetooth headset and unexpected cockpunch.

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