Kicking the Ball Out of the Yard

— 2 minute read

If you still haven't bought the new The Swell Season album I mentioned the other day perhaps this quote from the introduction to the song 'Falling Slowly', the song that they won a Grammy for and catapulted them out of Ireland and around the world, will help push you over the edge:

So this song has been an absolute wonderful thing that's happened to us. Like any song you you write you hope that whatever it is about the song, it's gonna work, you hope that the lyrics are gonna make sense, you hope it's going to speak from your heart, or it's gonna have some grain of truth in it. Ehm.

This song is a bit like, if I can use a metaphor, when you kick your ball and you hope it's going to get to the end of the garden because that's where your little brother is waiting for you, to ya know, kick it back. And so you kick your ball hoping it's going to reach the end of the garden... and your ball goes over the wall, it goes over the river, it goes over the next town... and then it goes into a place you've never, ever imagined it would ever end up.

And the tiny, tiny, tiny part of you that's going I want my ball back is completely out shadowed by the wonder of 'Oh my God, I kicked my ball that far!'

Go kick your ball.