A Reason to Have Kids

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From dooce.com:

I am not complaining about the sleep deprivation or the pooping. In fact, that's why I got pregnant. I wanted to live through it again, and since I'm feeling so much better this time around I'm crazy enough to admit that I'm loving it. Yeah, I don't get a lot of sleep. It can make me cranky from time to time, but in the middle of the night when it is happening it doesn't bother me much because she is so soft and cuddly and smells like the farts of unicorns drunk on happiness and Sprite.

Emphasis mine to make sure you read that beautiful piece of prose.

Just be warned that the rest of the article contains capital letters and words that might make your grandma blush. But your grandma will be agreeing with everything that Heather has to say because if your grandma is your grandma, that means she was pregnant and had a kid or two at some point in her life and she was thinking the exact same things as Heather only didn't have a blog to vent with.

Plus cursing like a sailor would have probably gotten your grandma kicked out of her bridge club.