Rough Times in the Recession

— 1 minute read

I'm not sure what your experience has been, but I've seen lots of people who are taking vacations, buying boats, cars or other vehicles, and generally not feeling any effects of the supposed recession we've been in for the last year.

From my casual observations, it seems to be the rich who complain about the recession while not really suffering and the poor who actually suffer but do a lot less complaining. I would guess that donations to causes/religious organizations are down while purchases of luxury items isn't all that much less as people buy more things to help them deal with all the stress of the recession.

At least that's my casual observation while I sip a latte in a coffee shop at the lake. (cough) hypocrite Plenty of boats guzzling plenty of gas being pulled around by plenty of trucks guzzling plenty of more gas.

Times are tough.