New Feature of Sims 3

— 1 minute read

From a review of Sims 3, the latest in the sim-your-life video game franchise:

Once you’ve created your character you need to select character traits. As in real life these are things like party animal, heavy sleeper, never nude, childish, frugal, genius, daredevil, the list just goes on. Each of the traits gives your character unique abilities and some entertaining attributes with true Sims humour. For example the kleptomaniac trait means your character will compulsively steal from other Sims, whilst also giving you the option of sneaking out at night and robbing your neighbours. The frugal trait allows you to clip coupons from the newspaper that will give you discounts when you head to the shops, or to the day spa, and my Sim does this almost religiously, and on top of this gets overly excited when he scores a bargain. (emphasis mine)

They've added the Mennonite gene! Or as I prefer to call it, the "Hurricane Grace."