Moonwalk No More

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Photo credit on flickr.

He missed his childhood and now he’s gonna miss his old age.

Michael Jackson never had a chance. He had to succeed for his family, his parents’ dreams were dependent upon him.

And a boy with that much pressure delivers. He works truly hard, so he will be loved. That’s all Michael Jackson was looking for, love.

Bob Lefsetz says it much better than anybody else.

It's weird to think of Michael Jackson actually being dead. My earliest recollection of him is all the urban legends that would go around in elementary school about how he had frozen himself (or was setup to be frozen) so that he could live forever, or something like that.

That and playing Michael Jackson's Moonwalker on my Sega Genesis - though I'm pretty sure I just rented it. I don't think my parents would have bought me a copy of it.

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